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Delivery Terms

Our usual delivery time is 3-4 working days from payment however this can vary subject to the item ordered. We will advise you of any change in this and with a date you can expect your order. All orders shipped will be delivered free to 1 uk mainland address, in the event of multiple address`es a charge is made of £12.99+ VAT per address, if your not on the UK mainland we will provide you with a delivery charge accordingly.

In the event of a delay with the dispatch of your order through errors in artwork or machine failure we will advise you however EMP is not responsible for any financial loss of any kind due to any delay be it machine or natural disaster – courier failure.

In the event your goods arrive damaged or are lost, we will review the circumstances causing this however if its due to a courier we reserve the right to not be responsible for any and all financial losses caused due to this.

Risk in the Product passes to you on delivery of the Product to you.


EMP Returns Policy

1. The customer must check all delivered product(s) to ensure the product(s) are what was ordered. Any and all risk with the usage in any way is passed over to the customer upon receipt of delivery  of the product(s)

2. Any and all defects must be reported to EMP with 24 hours for investigation and remedy. EMP reserves the right to dismiss claims of defects and the like after 24 hours have passed.

3. Returns to EMP must be agreed in writing by us to take place.

4. As with all print, deviations can occur. This is due to most PC monitors in the UK being RGB and not calibrated for true colour output hence variations of typically 5-10% may occur in the finished product. EMP is not responsible for this in any way.

5. If in the event the customer refuses a reprint or does not forward to us print data and in so much as the customer refuses proof copies of a reprint with our absolved of any liability whatsoever.

6. EMP are not responsible for any losses arising with regards to printing being delayed and in such events as the customer  chooses to use the services of a leaflet distribution service and has paid a fee to the distributor accordingly. EMP will seek to reprint the product(s) per the above points (1-4)

7. The customer is responsible for approving artwork prior to print and in receipt of a proof copy from EMP. Upon final proof and agreement of the proof by the customer , EMP will then print the approved copy. In the event the delivered item is not to the customers expectations and the customer agreed to the final proof, EMP is not liable in any way an a full reprint at full price is chargeable to the customer.