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Folded Leaflet Printing


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Making the most of folded leaflets

Probably the best solution for advertising your business is the folded leaflet. It’s a very popular product and extremely versatile, some people class it as a mini-brochure thanks to all its sides being printed, it can be used in so many ways its really the leader of the pack when it comes to marketing a company. Available on paper or card, folded leaflet printing carried out for you by us can be tailored to your exact requirements.

With so much choice of paper and sizes, its perfect for literally any campaign. You can have A3 folded to A4, gatefolded, C-fold, Z-Fold and good old tri fold as seen in dental surgeries and doctors throughout the UK, the list of leaflet folds is extensive as also is the size of paper and card that can be folded including A6, DL and much more.

Ideal as a takeaway menu or for a menu in a restaurant they can be laminated or printed on gloss, silk and matt fished paper depending upon your needs. In the event they are printed as a compact brochure, they can put popped through the letterbox. In the event there printed on card then you can use folded leaflets in a restaurant, diner and other types of business as well.

A popular use employed by some for folded leaflet printing is to have them made on A3 so they have six panels, this can form a mini catalogue depending on the trade your in and when designed correctly, can deliver a great return on your investment.

We have been involved in the production of top quality folded and unfolded leaflets since 2006 and provide expert advice on layout and the most effective colours. When it comes to the very best cheap folded leaflet designed to perfection, we can help you.

Tips n Tricks on Designing your Folded Flyers

Some thoughts from our art team to help you avoid mistakes when you design your leaflets.


One of the most important factors to a good design and the key to making a good impression. Confidence is the key so choosing pastel colours is good as they look nice contra to vivid reds and shocking greens which may make or break the interest of the reader. Blue is a good colour and purple also.


Using pictures in your folded flyer design is a great idea but bear in mind some important factors, firstly only choose a picture that is 300 dpi (dots per inch) anything below that will be useless. Only choose pictures you own or have bought yourself, don’t use free images from say google images as the chances are they are copyrighted so if the owner of the image sees it used on your design, you may face a large fine!.

3. Content is king

Its true enough that a good script that’s well thought out, will catch the readers attention and there is more chance the reader will take the step of making an order. A short big message or dangling carrot statement draws the reader in, but it has to be true as well. So be creative with your text for you folded flyer but equally think how it reads to the viewer as well.